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Vibro-Mac: engineering industry

About Us

A family-run company with a worldwide presence

Company information
Vibro-Mac S.r.l. is an Italian family business established in 1968, operating in the engineering industry and specialized in planning and designing machinery and turn-key plants for various industrial fields, such as:
  • paints and varnishes
  • inks
  • putties and sealants
  • pesticides
  • semi-finished products for coating with rubber, PVC, polyurethanes
  • chemical products

Currently the Company is developing new products for newly-approached markets such as mass batteries, cosmetics and food industries.
Our products – basket mills, dissolvers, mixers and press-out machines – are tailor-made according to our customers’ specific requests and are designed by our engineering department which also deals with the planning of turn-key plants.

All Vibro-Mac’s machines comply with the most updated legislations in terms of Security (CE and ATEX).
Thanks to the cooperation with experienced and expertized partners, Vibro-Mac can easily coordinate the full implementation of each plant, with the only exception of building works, and organize the in-house on  the job training of the designated people; Vibro-Mac also guarantees post-sales services like on-site maintenance.

Our collaboration with a few strategic partners enables us to achieve a high level of automation and innovation: all the plants are equipped with dedicated systems of process and detailed engineering, and with automatic systems to control and manage the various production stages.
The single machines could be equipped with electronic management systems (PLC) allowing to automatically drive and schedule the work stages.
As of today, thanks to its worldwide spread commercial net, Vibro-Mac is present almost all over the world with its single machines and turn-key plants.”
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The great experience acquired since 1968, the year of foundation in Lodi, near Milan, in a small laboratory, has brought Vibro-Mac s.r.l. to plan and construct, with a great  advance on the market demand, the technical solutions for paints, coatings and inks production applied by the best and most qualified worldwide companies.

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VIBRO-MAC SRL was founded by Edoardo Meazzi and Giuseppe Gerosa in San Martino in Strada (Lodi, near Milan).

The first product is the Vibro-Filter, from which the company takes its name.

  • 1968
  • 1971
  • 1977
  • 1990
  • 2000
  • 2011
  • 2014
  • 2016