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Multi Impeller Dissolver with double scraper

Application Fields

Water Base And Solvent Base Paints and Varnishes, Plasters, Agrochemical Products.



Multi- Impeller Dissolver that works in a completely closed system. The design and the positioning of the impellers ensure high mixing and dispersion action. A Dual Scraper with flexible overlapping blades follows continuously sides and bottom of the tank.

  • Completely sealed unit to work in a closed system,
  • Under vacuum process to deaerate the product
  • Under pressure process to help the discharge of no-flow products
  • Faster dispersion than a standard dissolver
  • Cooling system with jacket or half pipes coil
  • Top internal cover mirror-like polished for easy cleaning
  • Low pressure and high pressure cleaning system.
  • Weighing system
  • Touchscreen Display and PLC for setting of operational parameters
  • Infinite variable speeds
  • Data Control and backup
  • Remote assistance.
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